Royal Black Red Satin Demi-Cup Bra

Royal Black Red Satin Demi-Cup Bra

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Category Bra-Temptations
Style Demi-Cup Bra, Half-Cup Bra, Seamed Cup Bra, First Night Lingerie, Wedding Night Lingerie, Indian Wedding Lingerie, Trousseau Lingerie
Color Black Red

This red satin seamed-cup demi bra with delicate contrasting French lace cut-outs is a must-have in your lingerie wardrobe. Complete your intimate look @ ShopImagine!

Mixed thoughts in my head and mixed feelings in my palpitating heart ..excited!..nervous! But when I see my innerwear trousseau I am completely elated with joy! Beautiful set of comprising of the red and black beauty! It's gonna be my ultimate weapon of seduction!